Tim Bagshaw

Tim graduated from The University of Queensland in 1991 and worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, in rural Queensland settings and the United Kingdom before going into private practice in Maleny in 1998.

Tim's main areas of interest are back pain, sporting injuries, orthopedics and injury prevention. Tim enjoys life in Maleny with an active role within local community organisations.



Mary Bagshaw

Mary graduated from The University of Queensland in 1992 and worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. She completed a Master of Physiotherapy Studies (Cardiorespiratory) in 1999, while specialising in Cardiorespiratory and Intensive Care Physiotherapy.

Mary then moved to Maleny and has continued to practice in that field as well as general private practice.



Annette Bezear

Annette Bezear is a physiotherapist with 25 years experience. She has undertaken further education in the area ofWomen’s Health and specifically female incontinence and pelvic floor retraining.

Annette’s communication skills and depth of understanding of women’s health issues will make your visit a comfortable and positive experience.



Ben Stasiak

Podiatrist Ben Stasiak



Andrew Stewart

Andrew is the latest member to join the team. He may seem familiar to some people - the reason being, he has worked at Maleny Physiotherapy before. Andrew is a local man and has post-grad qualifications in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.




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